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More than 3.9 billion people use email for communication all over the world, leaving behind all the other communication platforms. If you want to reach the full potential of your business strategy, then you need to utilize email marketing. It is a paramount opportunity for you to connect with the right customers and boost your sales. Emeriosoft is an award-winning email marketing agency that will set up an email campaign to meet your business needs.

Our professional experts will take email marketing beyond the technical jargon. Here at Emeriosoft, we combine data management with engaging content that will help us design the best results. We never blind our clients with technicality; we design a format that is easy to understand and helps our clients stand out with their strategy.

If you wish to see successful email marketing, then you need to understand your audience’s needs. Emeriosoft UAE will work by your side and fill the role of email marketing agency to help you create nurturing sequences that aid you in communication with your customers. Our experts will come up with sophisticated methods to design unique email marketing campaigns for your business.

With over 20 years of experience, we provide the best email marketing services UAE has ever seen. Our team of seasoned professionals will develop a high-functioning plan to take care of the messaging strategy, market research, and data analytics. It doesn’t matter if you have a start-up organization or a well-established business. Our digital marketing specialists in UAE will create an email marketing campaign that provides outstanding results for your business!

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Emeriosoft’s Diverse Email Marketing Campaign Services

Emeriosoft UAE is one of the most trusted email marketing companies in the UAE. Our team ensures that all of our email marketing services are according to the needs of our clients. We provide diverse email marketing services depending on your business needs.


Our seasoned professionals can help you announce your next sale, trial, ebook, webinar, and other paramount events taking place in your organization. We can use emails to describe and promote your offers to the customers.


There are many companies that share their stories with customers in the form of articles and newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis. If you wish to share your stories with the world, then we can provide you with a compelling newsletter that will portray your image to everyone.


With the help of our professional experts, you can promote an upcoming event hosted by your company via email. We will create compelling invitations for your customers to showcase your worth. We will make sure to attract registrants and explain to them how your event will be worth their time.

Media Send

Social media send will enable you to send announcements to a user’s inbox as well as to their emails. You don’t have to collect emails separately, and our marketers will utilize the user’s social media accounts to access their emails.

Build Long Lasting Relationships With Innovative Email Marketing Agency


Email marketing campaigns can help you build cheap and profitable relationships with your customers. With more than 20 years of experience, Emeriosoft UAE will make sure that your customers are consistently engaged with your products. We will encourage a smooth conversation between you and your audience.

Our professional experts will help you reach new customers and boost your sales. Every customer has their journey, and they might take different routes before completing a purchase. We have highly trained professionals on our team, and they will ensure that your engagement is enhanced and no customer abandons your website in the middle.

How Our Process Works?

Here at Emeriosoft UAE, our team will connect with the clients to develop an effective email marketing campaign that can drive long-term lucrativeness! Here is how our expert marketers work:

As an award-winning email marketing agency, our first step is to thoroughly review the market and gain a solid understanding of our client’s objectives.

Our expert marketers will work on everything from start to finish. We will design an email marketing campaign solely based on your organizational needs.

We won’t just focus on engaging your audience; our team will ensure that we are targeting the right audience. Our experts will work as an email service provider to ensure that we send the correct message.

The last and the final step of our process is to keep an eye on the entire email marketing campaign. We will provide reports back to our clients, highlighting the click rates, conversion rates, and more

*Frequently Asked Questions

At Emeriosoft UAE, we will connect our clients with email marketing specialists, who will take care of creating email lists, structuring emails, and generating leads throughout the campaign.

Email marketing can enhance your company’s marketing strategy. It can help you engage with your audience through personalized messages.

If you are unable to think of an effective email marketing strategy for your business, then don’t worry anymore. Here at Emeriosoft UAE, we will customize your email marketing campaign according to your organizational needs.

In content marketing, your main focus is content creation and publication. In email marketing, you create personalized messages for your customers according to your business needs.

You can easily track the success of your email marketing based on the metrics that matters to you the most. There are metrics like conversion rates, click through rates, number of sales, and other forms of metrics that are necessary for your business.

The entire purpose of email marketing is to develop a strong relationship between a business and its customers. Email marketing is an effective and pocket-friendly way for business owners to promote their products and enhance their leads.