Global Art & Design Education Expo 2024 – Dubai

Ever since its launch in 2020, Dubai has been successfully organizing the Global Art & Design Education Expo, just like the IDC Middle East CIO Summit. It is a great opportunity for students to learn more about arts and design in different industries. Until now more than 25,000 students have been a part of this expo and learned from it. 

Under this expo, 12 physical and 3 virtual events have been hosted. These events have helped a lot of students understand different industries and learn about diverse career paths that can stem from those industries. Whether they want to pursue website development in Dubai or they want to learn about fashion design, this expo will help them a lot. 

Starting from February 29, the first step of this expo will take place by visiting different schools in Abu Dhabi. On March 1, renowned designers and experts will visit schools in Dubai. Last and the main event will take place on March 2, at the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel – Dubai. The experts will join us from institutions like New York Film Academy, SCAD, Toronto Film School, and Paris College of Arts, and we will also have experts from the best UAE web design company

Benefits Of Joining Art & Design Education Expo 2024

This expo will focus on diverse subjects like fashion designing, graphic designing, product designing, visual arts, fine arts, game designing, motion designing, animation, and more. Experts will share their expertise on different subjects and talk about the future of art and design. The main idea behind this expo is to encourage students to find their passion. Here is how this expo will impact students. 

Students Will Interact With Finest Institutes: 

With the help of this expo, students will be able to interact with experts from different institutions. This way students will learn about their institutions and how different industries contribute to today’s arts and design industry.  

Hear From Leaders: 

In this 3-day expo, students can explore different fields and interact with experts from different institutions. There will be interactive sessions from seasoned experts, this way the students will hear about new trends and technologies being used in their industries and they will also be able to ask questions from the experts to clear any confusion they might have. This year’s expo will kickstart student’s professional journeys. 

Learn About Diverse Subjects: 

The professional experts will cover many subjects like graphic designing, animation, fashion designing, product designing, interior designing, industrial designing, motion designing, toy designing, game designing, visual arts, fine arts, performing arts, and media studies. All of these subjects will be covered in this year’s expo to make students aware of the diverse career opportunities. 

The Global Arts & Design Education Expo 2024 in Dubai will pave the way for so many students to learn about different industries. Students will interact with seasoned experts from all over the world and learn about their experiences regarding the new inventions in arts and design. This year’s expo will help students find their true passion and explore new options.