Fireworks In Dubai & Other Cities Of UAE On The National Day

The UAE has always been a center of attraction for the rest of the world. From its stable market to beautiful and secure cities, everything feels like a dream in the UAE. Not only for professional businessmen, UAE also feels like an excellent choice for students who are freshly graduated. Whether you are looking for the best web design company in Dubai or you are looking to join any other private sector, with countless opportunities, living in the UAE has been a dream for individuals from all over the world. It does not matter if you are spending your time in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, every city has its own charm. 

Aside from a business point of view, like talking about the best web development agency in UAE, there are so many other reasons for which UAE has always been in the limelight. From hosting international events to cultural festivals, the residents of UAE always enjoy their time. Celebrating National Day is also a well known festival that has been making waves this year. Every year, the residents of the UAE celebrate their National Day with pride and joy. People from all over the country come together to honor their country’s achievements and heritage on this special day. 

Celebrations For UAE’s National Day

dubai fireworksThe National Day of the UAE holds a special place in the hearts of the citizens. This day is not only historically important, but it also highlights the aspirations and developments for the future. The National Day brings everyone together and it reinforces unity among the citizens. Here are some major celebrations that take place on UAE’s National Day:

  • Official ceremonies and parades 
  • Fireworks 
  • Cultural festivals 
  • Concerts and entertainment 
  • Family gatherings 

Official Ceremonies And Parades: 

On the auspicious National Day, there are grand ceremonies and parades that are held across emirates. Government officials and various organizations take part in the ceremony to showcase the achievements of the country. Also, military personnel pay homage to the founders with their speeches and hoisting of the national flag. 





The most anticipated event of National Day is the display of fireworks across the country. Cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman host a special fireworks display for the citizens. So many spectacular colors light up the night sky along with some music. Popular tourist attractions like Burj Khalifa, Corniche, and Al Majaz waterfront hold the most spectators.

Cultural Festivals: 

As the day progresses we will get to see more cultural festivals and heritage activities that are solely organized to celebrate the National Day. The sole purpose of these events is to highlight the importance of UAE’s culture and to honor the traditional craft, foods, and music. Visitors can enjoy workshops and exhibitions to experience the National Day. Also, you will also get to enjoy camel racing and falconry displays at popular attractions. 

Concerts And Entertainment: 

National Day is also celebrated with concerts and other entertainment events. International and local artists perform at various venues and wow the crowd with their live music performance. Along with singers, there are also DJs and dance groups to light up the stadiums and malls with their performances. You can also find theatrical performances and light shows at different places. 

Family Gatherings: 

Celebrating the National Day is all about unity and togetherness. On this auspicious day family and friends come together and enjoy picnics and social gatherings at parks, beaches, and other recreational areas. Many citizens decorate their houses with national flags and fairy lights to express their joy and happiness. This strong sense of unity brings people from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate UAE’s achievements and developments. 

The National Day of UAE is celebrated with enthusiasm and joy by each and every citizen. Starting from the parades and ending with fireworks, the entire day is no short than a magical moment for the residents of the UAE. People from all over the country spend quality time with their families talking about their culture and traditions. This is a major moment for them to celebrate their unity and togetherness in the light of the National Day.