Why Has The UAE Banned Dubai Visit Visas From Different Countries?

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UAE Bans Visit Visa: 

For so many years, the UAE has been the center of attraction for individuals from all over the world. Whether you talk about businessmen and investors, or you talk about students who are looking to step into the professional world. The UAE has always helped individuals achieve their dreams. But now, a new ban has been imposed that stops individuals from certain countries from stepping into the UAE. Countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Cameron, Sudan, and Uganda are banned from getting visit visas for the UAE. The main reasons behind this ban are as follows: 

  • Illegal activities 
  • Extended stay 
  • Health concerns 
  • Security threats 

Illegal Activities: 

One of the prime reasons why the government of UAE has banned several countries for visit visas is because of some past incidents, where individuals belonging to these countries were found guilty of indulging in illegal activities like smuggling, drug abuse, gambling, bribery, fraud, and cybercrime. 

Extended Stay: 

The correct protocol that everyone has to follow when they are applying for visit visas for any country is that they are supposed to leave when their stay is over. But in the past few years, there have been many cases where individuals have extended their stay in the UAE. This prompted the government of the UAE to take the bold step of banning individuals from certain countries. 

Health Concerns: 

We might have tackled Covid-19 but the danger is still there. In the past few years, it has been said that a new phase of Covid-19 is about to attack again. This was one of the main reasons why the government of the UAE has banned a few countries from entering their soil. It is a precautionary measure from the government’s side to ensure the safety of its citizens. 

Security Threats: 

For any country, the biggest concern arises when people from other countries come bearing threats. To avoid being in a situation where their country would go under bomb attacks or terrorist attacks, the government of the UAE has decided to hold on to the visit visas. This will continue until the government is sure that everything is clear and no citizen will get harmed. 

These are some of the major reasons why the government of the UAE has banned a few countries from entering their soil. Aside from health concerns and security threats, the biggest reason why the government is moving forward with the ban is because of the extended stay of individuals who belong to certain countries. To avoid this and to ensure the safety of the citizens, it is the duty of the government to cease any individual or group that threatens the safety of the country’s citizens.