Which App Works In Dubai For Calling?

Individuals who are living in Dubai might not have access to WhatsApp, and this has created many problems for them, especially for students and workers who are living in Dubai away from their families. It is paramount for them to have stable communication with their families back home, which is why they need to look for alternatives of WhatsApp that also work in Dubai as well as in other countries. Many apps are designed for communication purposes by the UAE web design company, all of these apps have successfully connected students and workers with their families. 

The best app developers in UAE have designed these apps specifically to enhance the communication between the residents of Dubai with the rest of the world. You can now connect with your loved ones who are living in the UAE easily. Earlier when such apps were not developed, it was hard for people to talk to their families back home, now they can chat or call them anytime they want.

Free Calling App In UAE

Let’s explore some major apps that have helped the citizens of Dubai and worked well as a WhatsApp alternative. 


GoChat is a multi-functional app that works as a messenger app, calling app, food delivery, and bill payment app. You can easily perform these tasks with the help of GoChat. All you need is your phone number to create an account on this app and then enjoy your experience. 


BOTIM is a free messenger and calling app that can help you connect with your family back home. What’s more interesting is that you don’t have to search for people on the app. If a person from your contact list is already on the app then, you will be able to see their profile and start a conversation with them. 


Skype is a globally popular app that was initially introduced as a business app, but in Dubai, people also use it to communicate with their families back home. You can chat, audio call, video call, or conference call all of your family members at once and enjoy your time. 

Google Meet: 

The most trusted app that is globally used and is available in every country, Google Meet. You just need to sign-in to your Gmail account and enjoy a seamless communication experience. You can easily call your family and communicate with them with the help of Google Meet. 

These are some of the best calling apps that are free for everyone and they are available all over the world. This makes it easy for people to communicate with their families who are living in the UAE. Now communication is a lot easier for people who are living in Dubai as they don’t have to search for a WhatsApp alternative anymore!