The Top 5 Travel Guide Apps To Navigate Tourists In Dubai

Traveling to your favorite destination is all fun and exciting until you are stuck in a foreign country and have no idea where you can find a mall or which bus you are supposed to take. As a tourist, you have to be extremely careful about these things. Lately, Dubai has been a dream destination for people from all over the world, some visit Dubai as tourists while some are looking for ways to permanently settle there. The stable market, high quality of life, business opportunities, professional growth, and cheap web design services in Dubai, all of these things attract people from all over the world to Dubai. 

To enjoy your stay in Dubai you need to get access to a few apps that can help you have a seamless experience. The best mobile app development company in Dubai is responsible for manufacturing these apps, which is why travel guide apps are easy to use with great navigation. As a tourist, you need to have the best travel guide apps on your phone, this will help you commute from one place to another without any difficulty. 

Best Dubai Travel Guide Apps

Let’s discuss the best travel guide apps in Dubai that are necessary for tourists, as it helps them enjoy their stay without any problems. You can look for the best malls, parks, you can learn about public transport, you can find the best eateries, and so much more. 


Darb was launched by the department of municipal affairs and transport. This app is a must if you are traveling on a budget and prefer the bus over other transportation means. With the help of Darb you can easily find buses for your routes and you can also track your journey. 

XE Currency: 

As a tourist, it is paramount for you to know how much money you are spending on traveling. Doing mental math can be a bit tedious, which is why you need to have an app that can do the math for you. XE Currency will help you know how much you are spending on your journey and it also informs you about the currency changing rates.


Wojhati was launched by road and transport (Dubai) and is perfect for someone who is looking for schedules of buses, metros, and ferries. You can easily check your transportation options and get the estimated cost. You can point your phone in any direction and it will show you all the bus stops in that direction from your current location. 


As a tourist, you would need to know about all the malls near you so you could enjoy shopping. NearBuy will locate all the best malls of UAE and once you are inside the mall it will notify you about discounts and sales happening in the mall. You can get good deals with the help of NearBuy. 

These are some of the best travel guide apps that can help you enjoy your stay in Dubai. Now you won’t have to worry about staying within the budget, looking for maps, or finding the best malls near your location. With the help of these apps you can enjoy yourself and have a wonderful traveling experience!