10 Best Taxi Apps For Travelers In UAE

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With a growing population, life will get busier for everyone and it can be tough for people to manage their transportation. But don’t worry anymore, the government of Dubai is now introducing more taxi apps to make things easier for everyone. 

Best Taxi App Dubai

Let’s explore the best taxi apps in Dubai that have made transportation easier for so many people. Individuals can commute to their destination faster and they won’t have to worry about cash conversions as they can pay in credit. 


Drife provides its customers with luxurious cars at the most reasonable prices. There will be no middlemen involved in the process. This app will directly connect you with the driver so you can discuss the fare with them. 

Careem UAE: 

Careem is popular all over the world so UAE is not an exception. With over 10 million people using Careem for their everyday commute, it is easily one of the best taxi apps in Dubai. You can book all kinds of rides and travel to your destination. 

Uber UAE: 

Not only Craeem but Uber is also gaining popularity in Dubai, UAE. Uber is a top-notch taxi-driving app that provides its customers with the best traveling experience. You can seamlessly book a ride at a reasonable price. 


Blacklane is a private chauffeur taxi service that can pick up passengers directly from the airport and provide them with a high-quality traveling experience in the vibrant city of Dubai. You can easily get an electric car as your taxi ride. 


S’Hail is a unique app that can help you book a taxi, bus ride, or train ride. You can also book a boat ride if you want with the help of this app. This app provides you with the best and cheapest rides possible for your commute. 


Hala cabs are also a quick and easy way for you to hail a cab. You can easily book a Hala cab from your Careem app. When you open your Creem app, you just have to look for an option for Hala taxi and that’s it. 

Dubai Taxi Corporation: 

If you are looking for a taxi service that will pick you up and drop you off in a timely manner then, Dubai Taxi Corporation is the best app for you. The drivers are professional and you can enjoy free WI-FI while traveling. 


Yango is quickly becoming popular in the UAE. You can enjoy comfortable rides at reasonable prices with the Yango app. You can book multiple car rides with one phone and find your ride at the cheapest rates. 

AlTair Chauffeur: 

If you wish to travel in style with fancy car rides then AlTair Chauffeur is the answer to your question. You can enjoy riding in luxury and quality cars without paying for any additional charges like gas or tolls. 

Arabia Taxi LLC: 

Arabia Taxi LLC will let you track your rides in real-time. The drivers are professionals and you will be able to reach your destination on time. It is one of the oldest taxi apps to operate in Dubai.

These are the 10 most popular taxi-riding apps in Dubai that have been helping locals reach their destinations on time without worrying about anything. If you are a tourist then, you need to know about these apps when you are planning your trip. These riding apps will make your travel easier.